Peru Huabal

$ 17.00

Peru Huabal is a familiar yet new coffee for Rose Park; it is familiar in that it offers a very similar cup profile that we have experienced in the past (dark fruit, malted sweetness with a touch of citrus and nut), but new in that it is the first coffee that we've offered from Falcon Coffee exporters. Falcon has been working in Northern Peru (and lots of other places) for the past few years investing in relationships and quality control, all the while taking deep stabs at making the supply-chain there more sustainable. In this latest iteration of their work they have worked directly with producers and are able to offer a greater percentage of the total price of the coffee to them as well as making the prices paid along the chain much more transparent. We've been impressed with their innovative and hard-work as well as the cup quality of the coffees we've sampled. This lot is from Antonio Mejia Paico's farm in Huabal, which is only one hectare in size. Still considered a washed-coffee, Antonio lets his coffee sit in fermentation tanks for 48 hours before finishing them off on a shared drying patio with his brother. For us, this coffee offers a deeply satisfying cup and a perspective on the entire coffee supply chain that is too often brushed with broad strokes. Coffee, like people, like everything, is all about context. Enjoy.

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