Brazil Elci Martins

$ 22.00

It's one of our favorite trips to make in the year and one we are honored to be apart of. The Best Cup competition in Brazil is informative, well executed, and just a really fun time. Cafe Imports and Carmo Coffees do an excellent job of highlighting some amazing coffees and producers. We say it every year, Brazil, historically, has not been known for their microlot coffees and yet what the Best Cup program has done has brought Brazilian microlots to the forefront of the quality conversation. Discovering exotic tastes and innovative producers has been an eye-opening education for us at Rose Park. This year's ninth-place winner and one of our favorite coffees of last year came from Elci Martins and Basso Bicciatto's farm, Sítio Elmar. Full of the "classic" Brazilian tastes of milk chocolate and sweetness, Elci and Basso's coffee also comes with a very soft raspberry and lime acidity. Sweet almonds round out the cup to make this coffee a bit understated but truly elegant and a joy to drink. Elci and Basso themselves were a joy to meet and we expect even greater things from them in the future. Check out their farm on instagram- @sitioelmarsonhomeu and for a great explanation of the Best Cup competition check out Cafe Imports' video

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