Brazil Fazenda I.P.

$ 19.50

We keep saying it and it still rings true this year: Brazil can put out some incredible coffees.

Historically, Brazil hasn’t been known for microlot/specialty quality when it comes to coffee. HUGE tracts of land that are mechanically harvested had given rise to a much more bulk coffee industry with bulk coffee flavors- generic, slightly nutty, slightly citric.

Enter Carmo Coffees, a smaller exporter in Minas Gerais, with an exceptionally focused mission of turning Brazilian coffee (and it’s perception amongst coffee industry leaders) into a place synonymous with specialty-grade coffee, full of nuance and flavor. We’ve been fortunate enough to visit, source, cup, and explore the landscape in Brazil with the people at Carmo and we can honestly say that they are achieving their goals and the results are impressive.

We sourced a previous lot from Fazenda I.P.  for last year’s El Espresso, and so this year, when they put out an exclusively red bourbon microlot, we jumped on it. By playing with their processing a bit, this lot has achieved a very delicious balance of tropical fruits, milk chocolate, and cooked raspberry, all with a refreshingly clean and light body. It’s such a joy to drink. We hope you will enjoy it as well.


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