Brazil Lazaro da Silva

$ 18.00

Put on your finest morning robes and slip into one of the most comforting coffees of the season with this year's Brazil microlot from producer Lazaro Daniel da Silva. With milk chocolate notes, creamy orange acidity, and sweet nougat finish this coffee is begging to be apart of your morning hug/routine. Add your favorite creamer or milk and the comforting aspects of this coffee start to reach thresholds nearing decadence itself. Lazaro's coffee is so solid that it's easy to see why it was one of the finalists at last years Best Cup in Carmo de Minas. Enjoy!

  • Roasting Schedule:  We roast every Tuesday and Deliver/Ship every Wednesday. All orders must be received by 11:59 p.m. on Mondays to ensure delivery during the current week.