Colombia Cauca

$ 19.00

Everything is so exciting! There are Colombian offerings Everywhere! It’s happening All At Once!

With the seeming lack of offerings from Colombia here at Rose Park for the last couple of years, one can wonder if they’ve stepped into the multiverse with the seeming deluge of offerings that are now here (and more to come!); all of them being variations on a theme. The previous offering (Colombia Delagua) can show the extreme side of how processing the coffee cherry can impact flavor- whilst the current offering shows almost it’s exact opposite- what happens when you just want to taste the “terroir” of a specific region and minimize every other impact?

Our current offering from the Cauca region of Colombia does exactly that with rich chocolately notes, dried fruits, and a soft citrus acidity underneath it all. This is truly a comforting coffee.

This coffee is part of a “regional select” program from our friends at Café Imports where they collect lots from many different producers in a region to highlight the taste inherent in those micro-environments. Often, these producers don’t produce enough coffee to bring their lots to market on their own and thus end up getting blended away into huge bulk lots with much less return on their crop. By selecting out a few of these high-quality lots and blending them together to highlight the unique profiles inherent to their region, they can get a better premium for their coffee and we get to taste an intrinsically “Cauca” Colombian coffee. Win win.



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