Colombia Delagua

$ 21.00

This coffee is a complex and bombastically fruity and funky experience! The 42 anaerobic fermentation process produces flavor notes of natural wine funkiness, gummy bears, nectarine, rose water, and tons of body. But its wild flavor profile is only part of its story.

This coffee will force you to broaden those horizons of what you expect to taste in coffee. We have had coffees with a certain amount of “funk” before (owing largely to their natural processing methods) but rarely do we find one that rides the line on such a knife’s edge such as this. For some, this will be too strange of a coffee with it’s natural wine-type characteristics of yeasty, fermented fruit flavors. Others, however, will appreciate the complexity that these flavors provide to the coffee and see the sweetness and even florals of nectarine and rose water underneath.

Again, this is not a coffee for everyone, but it is indeed a coffee worth sharing far and wide for both its complex favors and its complex representation of such a remote and beautiful growing region in Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria, Colombia. The same innovative people behind La Palma y El Toucan (known for their experimental approaches to fermentation in their processing methods) are behind the Delagua project and you can taste it!

We recommend grinding this coffee a little to a lot coarser than you normally might, to produce less extracted and a thinner cup. The body and flavors of this coffee are so overbearing that pulling back on both strength and extraction opens everything up and allows some really nice symphonic balance to play out.

Have fun with this one!

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