Colombia La Palma

$ 21.00

The once exotic and relatively small Colombia La Palma y El Tucan company has become a well-known powerhouse in recent years being one of the few forerunners of the current process-focused trend in coffee production. Their coffee has won multiple awards in almost every major coffee-related competition year after year and they continue to push the envelope with innovative processing techniques and business strategies. This current lot is from their Neighbors and Crops program in which smaller producers bring their ripe coffee cherries to La Palma for processing. It allows for smaller producers to share in the premium of high-quality coffee without needing to re-invest in infrastructure while bringing La Palma's expertise in coffee processing and logistics to the table. This current lot is from Ángela Herreras farm, El Rosal and exhibits flavors of rich, ripe cherry reminiscent of luxardo liqueur and hits the pallet along with a gentle Yellow Delicious apple note. Delicate florals finish out the taste of a really great coffee that is a delightful daily cup and will elicit surprised pleasure from those you share it with. Enjoy!

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