Brazil Fazenda Elmar

$ 21.00

Brazil Fazenda Elmar is back! This is an auction lot Brazil that we've bought two years in a row at the Best Cup auction in Sao Lourenco. Last year Elci and Marcio placed 9th in a competition of over 300 submissions and this year placed 6th! Though Andrew's Portuguese is limited to formalities and slang picked up from friends, the auction format has provided a great connection to this farm and to some really exciting changes happening inside Brazil's coffee production as a whole. Almost exclusively known for volume and commodity-grade coffee alone, Brazil has been making in-roads into Specialty coffee through "smaller" exporters like Carmo Coffees based in Minas Gerais. Education, access to capital, experimentation, and management of risk have all been points of investment leading to exponential increases in cup quality and access to these special lots to smaller roasters like us. We have been proud and honored to work with Cafe Imports and Carmo Coffees in the past, and it has been a joy to buy Elci and Marcio's coffee two years in a row. Beleza!

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