Mexico Dos Rios

$ 18.00

Just when you think you know something… It feels like people are getting tired of asking me (Andrew) questions when it comes to coffee. I think the reason for that is because now, more than ever, I'm usually answering (with strong conviction) "sometimes!" Or, "It depends!" With roasting and brewing it seems like we are always learning something new to help modify our approach (see the new pressure and espresso paper put out by Chris Hendon) and this extends to the growing and processing of coffee as well. Even certain origins where you think you have their historical flavor profile down will surprise you and this is definitely the case with this years Mexico Dos Rios. On the cupping table we were getting loads of milk chocolate and citric acidity but with a "wild" green bean/grassy flavor as well. However, this time we augmented our cupping protocol and brewed a typical "batch" brew along side the evaluation sample and boy did our assumptions get challenged. Far from being a "wild" coffee, as a batched brew the Mexico Dos Rios shines as an elegant example of everything we've loved about Mexican coffees- elegant, juicy, and at once both accessible yet dynamic. This particular lot shines with loquat fruit, chocolate, meyer lemon, and granny smith apples. Enjoy!

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