Ecuador Finca La Fortaleza

$ 21.00

Carman Gagnay owns/runs Finca La Fortaleza near Quito, Ecuador. The farm is 4 hectares and grows mostly Bourbon and Sidra varietals. What was interesting to us upon cupping, however, was that this particular lot which is 100% Bourbon, had a very similar mouthfeel and sweetness as the 100% Typica lots that we originally fell in love with and associate with Ecuadorian coffee. The mouthfeel in this coffee is incredible! It definitely shifts our thinking about what influences coffee flavor and character at origin.

This particular cup wraps notes of cacao, orange blossom, and panela in the aforementioned luxurious mouthfeel creating a cup that is subtle enough for everyday drinking and layered enough for focused attention. This will be a crowd pleaser! Enjoy!


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