El Salvador La Benedicion

$ 19.00

Producer Ismael Recinos grows mostly Pacamara, Bourbon, and Pacas on the 5 manzanas (similar to a hectare) of Finca La Benedición, and he processes his coffees as Washed and Honeys, paying meticulous attention to his processes. This particular lot is single cultivar Pacas and washed. Pacas and Pacamara cultivars can have some wild tastes and so usually they get naturally processed to help compliment or even cover-up some inherent seed characteristics. Not so here. This fully washed Pacas feels like you suddenly turned the lights on in a room but not so bright that it obscures everything, more like, illuminates the other flavors. The bright lemon opens up to a more tropical pineapple which then gives way to a real toffee sweetness that sort of lingers. Seriously a delight. This is one of those coffees that it’s hard to brew badly and therefore very rewarding in the cup no matter when or where or who you are making it for. Enjoy!

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