Ethiopia Arsosala

$ 18.00

 This is a delicious coffee that hails from Guji, Ethiopia but has just as much in common, taste-wise, as one from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia: Meyer Lemon, Bergamot, and Jasmine flavors with just the faintest Peach in the background.

This is our first coffee from the Arsosala Washing Station in Guji and we are loving the crisp and lively flavors this coffee brings to the table. Usually a coffee like this leaves a little bit of the body behind in favor of the more delicate florals, and while it’s possible to brew the coffee that way, this coffee has a surprising heft when maximizing extraction.

 Most of the farmers in this region have less than a ½ Hectare of coffee and therefore many different producers combine their coffee at the washing station where lots are designated according to the day they arrived and quality of the ripe cherry.



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