Ethiopia Natural Bombe

$ 21.75

As with all things, flavor exists on a continuum and the more of one thing you get, usually the less of the other. We see this most clearly when we talk about
“acidic” coffees vs. “sweet” coffees. Usually the brighter and more acidic a coffee is, the less we perceive the sweetness of the coffee (perception of sweetness in coffee is a whole other thing). It’s also the same when we talk about how the processing of a coffee influences the taste of it. Usually, with a natural process Ethiopia you’ll get big, dark-fruited flavors and not as much of the citrusy-types of acidity along with higher toned-florals of the washed process. Occasionally, however, you’ll get a coffee that blurs the line in a really delicious and pleasing way. The Ethiopia Bombe is one
such coffee with its lovely jasmine florals, a very tangy apricot/stone fruit taste, along with some really sweet cocoa in the finish. It’s a natural process coffee that
tastes like a washed/natural hybrid. This coffee comes from the Sidama region of Ethiopia from a washing station called Testi Ayla. A bit more about this particular coffee from our friends at Café Imports:

“Testi Ayla Washing Station was founded in 2010 and became part of the Testi group in 2016. It now serves about 375 smallholder farmers in the village of Bombe in Sidama, near the Bombe Mountain. Producers here own an average of 2.5 hectares and grow varieties such as Mikicho and Setami, which are local coffees. Coffees in Ethiopia are typically traceable to the washing station level: The average producer here delivers their cherry to the washing station, where it is blended with other producers' deliveries and processed as necessary. 

LOCATION: Sidama, Ethiopia
PRODUCER: Smallholder producers from Bombe Village
IMPORTER: Café Imports
VARIETAL(S): Heirloom Varietals
ELEVATION: 2000 masl

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