Java Riungguhung

$ 21.00

This coffee from Java has been a revelation as to what Indonesian coffees can taste like for us.
Typically wet-hulled in their processing, they tend to land along a range of flavor profile between a cleaner redwood earthiness that accompanies a very syrupy body with a subtle sweetness on one side and a mushroomy earthiness and a bell pepper, vegetal finish on the other. 
But this coffee has been completely new to us!

It has incredible range, but we've been enjoying it the most brewed at a higher coffee to water ratio (16:1 to 17:1), resulting in a clean, nuanced cup with velvety mouthfeel. Despite the anaerobic processing, that can lead to lots of funky notes from the fermentation, at these weaker parameters we're tasting lemongrass, red apple, chocolate, strawberry, and even some florals of gardenia and lilac.

It can be a very complex, elegant cup; tea-like but still rich in body.

 We hope you play around with it and enjoy the experience. 


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