Kenya Gondo AB

$ 19.00

The first Kenya of the season is a powerful one. Lots of juicy citrus upfront combined with dark cocoa create a very defined beginning which leads to a more caramel like sweetness at the end with the citrus transitioning to a hint of raspberry in the finish. Delicious.

The Kenya Gondo AB is a regional blend from the Gondo Factory in Muranga, Kenya. The factory is operated by various small holders of the New Kiriti Farmers Cooperative Society. The cooperative itself has 560 members with the coffee being picked and brought to the factory that same day for selection and separation. The ripe cherry is processed using fresh water from the local Kananahu stream, and the coffee is dried under full sun.

 The AB in the name refers to the grading of the coffee. Green coffee is graded in different ways in different countries and in Kenya, the designation refers mostly to uniformity and screen size (how big or small the green coffee is when separated by different sized holes in screens). AA is the biggest size and is regarded by some to be better because, well, bigger is better I guess. AB is smaller but on our cupping tables we’ve tasted some lackluster AA’s and some stellar AB’s; size had very little to do with it in our experience. Taste is always the standard and as such, we think this AB is wonderful example of the gravitas Kenyan coffee brings to the table.



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