Mexico Veracruz

$ 17.00

A delicious offering from an up-and-coming producer in Veracruz, Ernesto Perez’s coffee is an intensely sweet and silky-bodied coffee full of praline, Asian Pear, and Macadamia nut that finishes out wonderfully with a spiced note of mulled wine.  

From RedFox, the importers website description: 

A younger farmer taking over the family farm and mill, Ernesto wants to help move his community production into high quality specialty, tweak processing, focus on microlots, and help those around him make a little more money on their work. Ernesto’s coffee placed super high in 2018 and 2019 COE and was used by the 2019 Mexico barista champion. This year, he decided to expand his own wet mill into APG Coffee, a micro wet mill that other smaller farmers in Coatepec could use. APG also offers agronomic consulting for other farmers to help rebuild soils, increase quality, and overall help the community of Coatepec do their best work and make as much money as possible.” 

We only have a few bags of this wonderful coffee. Enjoy! 


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