Peru Isauro Flores Abad

$ 20.00

In Northern Peru near the Ecuador border lies the small town of La Jalca. Nestled within the center of Namballe district, it’s in the San Ignacio province within the larger Cajamarca region. This area is of vital importance since it’s part of the buffer zone surrounding the Tabaconas Namballe National Sanctuary.  

Isauro Flores is one of the top producer partners in this area. Born in the coffee producing town of La Zunga. He’s been cultivating coffee all his life. The farm encompasses 2 hectares, all dedicated to coffee and subsistence crops like bananas and yucca for his family’s daily usage. He intersperses Caturra and Catimor varieties among shade trees including Albizia and Pacay. After processing, he loads parchment onto mules to be delivered to the nearest access road.  

In the cup, Isuaro Flores’ coffee turns from a slightly herbaceous fragrance into a full on sweet and creamy cup with cinnamon, caramel, and an Orgeat/Amaretto type almond finish. It is a fantastically comforting cup with just the right amount of acidity to highlight all the other sweet flavors. Compare this coffee to the Peru Carmen de la Frontera to see two sides of the same coin and tell us what you think! 

Location: Cajamarca, Namballe District, Peru
Producer: Isauro Flores Abad
Importer: Red Fox
Process Method: Washed
Varietal(s): Marsellesa, Catimor
Elevation: 1613 masl

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