Yemen Haraaz Red

$ 24.00

It's hard to talk about many coffee origins without referencing a complex and nuanced history for how coffee got there and why or why it is not there today. Yemen is no exception and while Ethiopia gets the prize for being coffee's birthplace, Yemen is where it was originally cultivated and was the powerhouse that fueled its spread across the globe. Today, however, because of civil war and a complex history, Yemen is largely forgotten as a place for Specialty Coffee. Part of that history, however, is shifting; work is being done and promising results are happening. Small lots are making it out of the country that have been meticulously grown, processed, and sorted. The result? A cup that is as rich and nuanced as anything else that is out there with a heritage that is seldom matched. It may be possible for Yemeni coffee to take the global stage once again, and with it, hopefully a much brighter future. Enjoy.
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