Gesha Inmaculada - 8oz

$ 38.00

When we first received this coffee sample from our friends at Falcon Coffees, I was admittedly a bit skeptical. Ever since about 10 years ago when the Peterson Farm in Boquete, Panama put a new varetial called "Geisha" (or "Gesha") on the map with an intense sweetness and hyper florality, it felt like everyone else was racing to plant the Gesha varietal to cash in on the specialty coffee industry's new darling. With its proliferation, fewer and fewer Gesha lots really lived up to its lofty potential while still costing its lofty price. 

But this one wowed us! It is one of those rare experiences that will reframe what you think coffee can be.

This lot comes from Inmaculada Coffee Farms which is in the state of Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Inmaculada is a sort of dream project where they experiment with varietals, processing, cover crops, etc., to create ultra high-end coffees with exceptional flavor characteristics. Their 50-hectare farm not only grows Gesha, but Rume Sudan, Laurina and Eugenoides (more on what those rare varietals and cultivars are another time…). 
This particular lot has all the lovely florality of the Gesha varietal but is undergirded with an intense strawberry jam note that almost certainly comes from the natural processing. Black tea and lychee-fruit follow in the cup making this a luxurious cup worth spending a bit of extra money on because, well, there is a reason that Gesha captured all of our imaginations 10 years ago… it’s just so good! 



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