Ecuador Hakuna Matata

$ 22.00

Four years ago, we took our first coffee origin trip to Ecuador and one of the first farms we ever visited was Finca Hakuna Matata, owned by Henry and Verena Gaibor. We knew that we had stumbled into something special when tasting their coffee and hearing their story, but even four years later, we are amazed at how lucky we were to have them and their coffee be our first experience of coffee at origin. Henry is a veteran war-trauma surgeon from Ecuador, and Verena is a war nurse from Switzerland. They met in Bujumbura, Burundi, in 1996 when they were both volunteering for Doctors Without Borders during a humanitarian crisis. Rather than an obscure Disney movie reference, the name of the farm comes from the oft-used phrase in a trauma clinic when things would constantly be going wrong and they learned to “not worry” about the details. We were only able to grab two small bags this year and so this will sell out likely before most people know we have it but investing in this coffee and in these people is an intentionally joyful act for us. In the cup, the Hakuna Matata hints at the orange blossom of previous year’s crops but tends to more of a candied orange flavor buoyed with a pleasant red grape acidity. In the finish is a delightfully aromatic experience of lemon verbena that really marks this coffee as something incredibly special in flavor and in the mind.

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