Ethiopia Gedeb Worka

$ 17.50

It really is the most wonderful time of the year when Ethiopia Naturals start rolling through our warehouse. The wide-reaching flavor profile of these coffees always feels a bit like a present we get to open each year. Some years, the profile sits heavy on the side of florals and acidities; other years, sugared berries reign supreme. This year, we’ve experienced a distinct elegance through this Gedeb Worka as it sparkles in the cup with very sweet Meyer Lemon but also gives us a super delicious, fresh stawberry flavor that ends with a languid honey sweetness.

This year, we got to source through an old friend at List and Beisler, an importing and exporting company typically known for purchasing much larger lots and is making inroads into more specialty and microlot territories. We are extremely happy to offer this coffee as we make the transition into the new year. Enjoy.


  • Roasting Schedule:  We roast every Tuesday and Deliver/Ship every Wednesday. All orders must be received by 11:59 p.m. on Mondays to ensure delivery during the current week.