Guatemala Quejiná

$ 19.00

Every year, there's at least one coffee region that seems to have all the stars align when it comes to taste and this year Guatemala was definitely one of those places. Almost every Guatemalan coffee we tasted this year, regardless of region, seemed to put on a palatial party on the cupping table and this Quejiná kept us grooving to the beat. Intensely floral strawberry flavors are followed by a very sweet grapefruit acidity with a very sturdy chocolate note backing everything else up. You might be tempted to think of this coffee as a natural process because of the intense nature of the fruit flavors but we've been assured that this is an immaculately prepped, fully washed Bourbon. It's worth tasting. Guatemala suffered a devastating eruption from Volcán de Fuego in June earlier this year. More than delaying coffee shipments, the volcano has devastated entire communities. To read more about the eruption, including a listing of relief efforts, please check out June's Sprudge article:

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