Guatemala San Carlos

$ 17.00

The Guatemala San Carlos is our second Guatemalan offering of the new season and we have found it to be an exquisite example of elegance and sweetness. The true treasure of this coffee, however, is not solely in it’s flavor profile.

This particular farm is a history lesson in it’s own right, and a testament to longevity in an industry mostly consumed with the “next best thing.” Being passed down within the Durán family since 1850, San Carlos, along with two sister farms, have been managed by Jorge Alberto Zamora, who was actually born on the farm at San Carlos. Even the coffee plants themselves are 100 to 135 year old Bourbon cultivars that have been specially grown and pruned in such a way as to maintain quality and make them more easily harvested.

Going from an almond, bittersweet chocolate taste in the beginning, the cup then turns to a wonderful brown sugar note right before leaving you with a hint of lemon peel at the end. Again, this is an elegant expression of a classic Antiguan coffee. Enjoy!


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