Mexico Mixteca

$ 18.00

We are so excited to release this year’s fresh crop, Oaxacan Mexico Mixteca. As with all coffee releases, this coffee represents a few different key things.

  1. We get to work with Red Fox importers, some very focused people doing good work.
  2. This coffee represents some of their oldest relationships in Mexico and therefore we get to be a part some very deep investment into the communities in the area.
  3. This is a total change in the flavors we usually select out of Mexico (and most coffees for that matter)!

A bit of background on that third point: We usually stay far away from “nutty” coffees as most of the time that nut profile has more to do with unripe cherry picking than inherent, positive flavor characteristics. Even when it’s a positive attribute, it’s usually in the background as a slight compliment to other, sugary or chocolate-y flavors. For this Mixteca, however, it’s right in the forefront and still very delicious, complimenting the honey and brandy/maple syrup flavors behind it.

Red Fox is an Oakland-based specialty coffee importer hyper-focused on quality with a deep bench of expertise along the entire supply chain. For them, Oaxaca represents some of their most concerted efforts to bring some of the best coffees in Mexico to market. With 16 distinct indigenous groups/cultures alone, many of which grow coffee, the region is incredibly diverse from an environmental, climatic, and social perspective.

For us, this is part of what makes this coffee (and coffee in general) so exciting; we get to participate in a culinary, economic, and environmental enterprise that is specific in location and global in endeavor. Enjoy.

  • Roasting Schedule: We roast every Tuesday and Deliver/Ship every Wednesday. All orders must be received by 11:59 p.m. on Mondays to ensure delivery during the current week.