Peru Cajamarca

$ 18.00

Our latest offering from Peru is from Adan Martinez Aguila from the Santuario cooperative in the San Ignacio province of Peru. Adan has been progressively improving his coffee over the last 20 years and it shows. Along with Santuario’s help, Adan has produced one of the cleanest and creamiest cups of Peruvian coffee that we have tasted in quite some time.

Red Fox, our importer, has this to say regarding their work with Santuario:

“Uniting smallholder producers from Northern Peru’s ecologically diverse Cajamarca region, Santuario’s long-term goals include helping farmers renovate their farms with the best- tasting and most resilient coffee varieties, controlling pests and soil fertility through organic means, helping farmers navigate the effects of climate change, and helping scale improved drying practices as the coop grows. In addition to helping farmers access the specialty market, Santuario’s focus on long-term sustainability offers a path to long-term profitability for smallholders.

With high elevations, diverse microclimates, high-quality soil, and varieties of Yellow Caturra, Yellow Bourbon, Bourbon, Typica, Pache, and Catimor, coffees from Santuario offer notes of red fruit like apple and plum, deep honeyed sweetness, and baking spice. In only two years, they’ve helped not only to improve quality, but to build community around coffee. We’re excited about the coffees we’ve bought from them this year and even more excited to see what the future has in store.”

We couldn’t agree more. Enjoy!


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