Peru Paltaychayoc

$ 18.00

A lot of green importers have a complicated relationship with Peru. As a fledgling specialty coffee producer, the potential for AMAZING coffees is off the charts. Great soil, high elevation, and some old school varietals that haven't been touched by Leaf Rust and other decimating pestilence. But, with the burgeoning industry comes all the frontiers work with it for those coffees to make it viably to market. Green coffee exporters travel extremely underdeveloped systems to extremely remote places in order to secure these special lots of coffee. Certain farmers will even manually carry their small lots on foot down mountainsides for miles to make sure their coffee gets processed. Because of these conditions Peru has always been touch and go in the cup. Something that tasted amazing at origin might not be as vibrant once it gets through the very long wait time at the Mill or near the Port for export. As such, when we come across some amazing Peru from our friends at Red Fox who have invested heavily in both infrastructure and time into the people and places of Peru- we jump at the chance. This particular Peru has all the wild and creamy viscosity of raw cacao that presents the backdrop to a very tart cherry-like acidity with a fresh and clean Asian Pear finish. It's the best kind of everyday drinker. Enjoy.

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