Instant Kenya Kamwangi

$ 17.00

It’s a terrifying risk to Instant-tize a coffee as beautiful and complex as this Kenyan coffee from Kamwangi Factory (the coffee processing station). But what’s the fun of instantaneosity if you aren’t pushing to see just how much nuance and pizzaz you can cram inside it?!

Spoiler alert: the aromatic tropical fruit and honey notes that we loved about this coffee came through the magical instant-making journey (aka, dehydration) with all the said pizzaz! Now we can partake of that pineapple and honey goodness (as well as the caramel and tapiopca notes we typically get in specialty instant coffee) whenever delayed gratification is killing the vibe!

Nerd Note: The work being done at the Kamwangi processing station is stellar. Solar dryers are large dome structures with plastic sheething (kinda sorta like a green house roof) over the coffee drying beds. Traditionally they been much more prevalent in South and Central America. At the Kamwangi Factory these solar dryers are being innovatively and effectively used to create a level of drying consistency that makes for a really stable, high quality cup, and exactly the sort of resiliency you need in a coffee if you hope for its pre and post instantization to have the kind of resemblance we’re aiming for.

Each pack contains 5 individual 5-gram packets good for one cup per packet. 5 cups total.