We are a small group of people in love with our city and fascinated by what coffee can do. We try to walk a line between accessible and exhilarating - between rugged and refined.

We believe that the ideal cup of coffee is brewed at home - inexact science, improvised brewing equipment, lack of formal barista training, and less than ideal water composition can not diminish the quintessential coffee experience of daily ritual.

Our Story

In 2009 we set out to roast coffee for home coffee brewers across Long Beach. While the scope of our business has changed over the years, we still come back to that central and foundational focal point: empowering those who brew coffee at home.

Social Values

Live in process - Pay living wages - Care for people - Work hard - Make things sustainable - Waste less - Alternativize the transportation - Use kind words - Be honest

We do these things imperfectly - but incrementally better and better.

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