Kenya Gachatha

$ 21.00

The latest Kenyan offering has us reminiscing about some of our earliest memories of trying Kenyan coffee for the first time.

This Kenya Gachatha from the Nyeri county has all the deep and powerful flavors that were, in at least our memories, what made some of these Kenyan coffees so special in specialty coffee many years ago. Loads of depth and sweetness with cooked fruit flavors pair with an omnipresent acidity of grapefruit and tomato to create an attention-grabbing, yet beguiling combination in the cup. The layers of flavor in this coffee are simply wonderful.

From our friends at Café Imports: “Gachatha factory is operated by the Gachatha Farmers Cooperative Society and sits on 391 acres between the villages of Muthuaini, Thiriku, Gachenge, and Kianjau. It was built in 1963, and current membership is about 1,050, with roughly 900 active members.”

Most coffee producers in the world only have small plots of land and thus rely on co-ops and different stations in the supply chains for processing, consolidation, and export. Wonderfully grown coffee doesn’t mean much if the rest of the supply chain is in dissary and thus when we hear about things like how the Gachatha factory actively manages their water usage and treatment as well as how they engage their membership, we become increasingly excited about the coffee itself, and the sustainability of the efforts behind it.




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