Q: How do I apply to work for Rose Park?

A: Please send us a PDF of your resume in an email to rpr[at]roseparkroasters.com. Include what position you’re interested in or open to and any other pertinent information. We’ll contact you back if we’re interested in setting up an interview.


Q: Does Rose Park donate for non-profit events or fundraisers?

A: Yes! We donate coffee. Please email us a request letter that describes the event you’re requesting coffee for, the amount and type of coffee you’re requesting, and include the name and contact information for the non-profit entity. We’ll contact you if we’re able to accommodate your request.


Q: Do you sell coffee wholesale?

A: Yes! If you’re interested in serving our coffee in your restaurant, coffee shop, gym, salon, office, or anywhere else, just fill out our WHOLESALE INQUIRY FORM HERE and we’ll get right back to you.


Q: Where else can I enjoy Rose Park Coffee?

A: EMAIL US and let us know where you’re at. We’ll let you know where the closest place is where Rose Park is being served.