Ethiopia Banko Taratu

$ 22.00

Banko Taratu is located in the southern part of Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe­ Gedeb District within the Gedio zone and is one of the highest elevated coffee-growing areas in Ethiopia with a pick altitude of 1900- 2300 meters above sea level. There are over 300 families with small coffee farms that bring their coffee cherries to the local washing station in Banko Taratu. The lots are then depulped with a washer and allowed to soak for 24-48 hours before being dried on raised beds for about 2 weeks.

This particular lot comes from our friends at Falcon coffees based in Austin, Texas where we also participate in their innovative pruning project for Ethiopian farmers.

In this dynamic cup we get all the lovely elegance of Yirgacheffe coffees with black tea, bergamot, and jasmine… but also hints at apricot and peach in the background with a toffee-like sweetness that lingers along with the florals.


Location: Yirgachefe­, Gedeb District within the Gedio zone
Producer: Banko Taratu Community Members
Importer: Falcon 
Process: Washed (Extended Fermentation)
Varietals: 74112Ethiopian Landrace
Elevation: 1950-2300 masl
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