Instant Mexico San Vicente

$ 16.00

While choosing which coffees to highlight in our latest round of Instant Coffees, this one from the indigenous Zapotec community of San Vicente Yogondoy in the Sierra Sur region of Oaxaca, Mexico was a unanimous selection amongst our team. It has been a strong customer favorite in whole-bean form and the instant coffee version came out beautifully! Lots of caramel sweetness, a gentle, juicy cherry acidity, and some chocolate undertones. The stoke level is going to be very high the next time your plane is suddenly showing delayed and then you remember you stashed a packet of this instantaneously delicious coffee in your carry on. Pro tip: stash a packet of this instantaneously delicious coffee in your carry-on.

Nerd Note: Oaxaca is a unique and underappreciated coffee growing region where there has been a lack of younger farmers willing to carry on the small family estates of coffee given the difficulty of the business. This is posing a potential crisis for Oaxacan-grown coffee. However, in the community of San Vicente Yogondov, several of the coffee farmers are under 30, giving us a glimmer of hope for coffee’s future there.

Each pack contains 5 individual 5-gram packets good for one cup per packet. 5 cups total.