Ethiopia Banko Gotiti

$ 18.00

It's no secret that we love Ethiopia as a coffee producing origin. The beguiling nature of the sensory experience is compounded by the mysterious and ever changing system by which we receive this gift. At one point, nothing was traceable back to the farm-level in Ethiopia, and then certain larger Estates could export their own coffee, but only with regional classifications and not lot or cultivar-specific designations. Even presently, while we have much more insight into certain aspects of the Ethiopia coffee-producing supply chain, there remains much to be known. Part of the effort to push into more precision knowledge with coffee processing, this Ethiopia Banko Gotiti was separated out not just by the smaller co-op that it's from, but also the lots that were selected went through a much more rigorous selection process and much more intentional washing. The coffee was cleaned and de-pulped, fermented for 48–72 hours before being washed, then given a soak for 8–16 hours before being washed again. It was dried on raised beds for 9–12 days. The end result? We get lovely hints of honeysuckle, with lemon and apricot.

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