Ethiopia Kayon Mountain

$ 19.00

Farm specific Ethiopian coffee is still relatively new these days; the gradual evolution of the ECX model of trading coffee in Ethiopia over the past few years has been circuitous to say the least. It is a testament to the very many ways nuance is the guiding principal when dealing with something as seemingly simple yet overwhelmingly complex as a cup of coffee. Not coincidentally, this is how this Washed-Process Ethiopian coffee from Kayon Mountain farm in Guji appears in the cup; simple, yet elegantly complex with fresh apricot flavors and jasmine florals with just a touch of citrus-y bergamot in the finish that is surprising for this region of Ethiopia instead of the more heavy stone-fruit flavors associated with Guji. This coffee was organically grown and meticulous prepped by a group of people managed by a man named Ismel who oversees a staff of 25 permanent full-time and 300 seasonal employees. The farm is involved in transportation services for workers in the community and is involved in helping to finance schools and administration buildings in the community.
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