Ethiopia Nigussie Nara Ataro

$ 24.00

Nigussie Nara is a a lead farmer at the Bensa village, of Sidama Regional State which is about 2 hrs of a drive to the East of Hawassa.  With altitudes ranging from 2100-2400 masl, Bensa village is one of the highest coffee growing regions in the entire area.  Coffee is grown intercropped with fruits under semi-forest shade with most coffee growers being small-holder producers of just a few hectares

Mr. Nare has created a special 56 hr processing fermentation at the Murango washing site from his continued study of coffee processing over the last few years and this current lot represents the culmination of that learning. The process starts in the picking where only fully ripe cherry is harvested and then sorted and soaked in water to further sort out the less dense/unripe coffee cherries. The coffee is then put into plastic bags to sit for 56 hrs. A lot can go wrong at this stage but by maintaining impeccable sorting before-hand, Mr. Nara is able to let the cherry ferment in bags without any imparting of “off” or “funky” coffee flavors. Once done, he then puts them on raised beds to further dry for 3-4 weeks, after which they are sent off to the dry mill for further processing and sorting.

The combination of starting with fully ripe cherry in addition to further sorting to use only the ripest, most dense coffee cherries for his extended fermentations results in some of the best of both worlds of processing; namely, clean and sweet coffees that express crystalline clarity terroir flavors of jasmine and green tea, in addition to the best parts of natural processing flavors of strawberries and stone fruits. It’s one of the best Ethiopian coffees we’ve tasted this year and I we hope to continue to offer Mr. Nara’s coffee in the years to come.


Location: Sidama, Ethiopia
Producer: Nigussie Nara Ataro
Importer: Falcon
Process Method: Anaerobic Natural/56 Hour Fermentation
Varietal(s): 74110, 74112, and Heirloom
Elevation: 2100-2400 masl

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