Kenya Kamwangi

$ 22.00

Traditionally Kenyan coffee is dried on raised beds out in the open air. Now, raised beds are already a big step towards improving coffee quality, but adding a dome like structure with thin plastic to help regulate temperature takes it up another notch. By keeping the coffee at a consistent temperature (there are pitfalls to drying the coffee too slow or too fast), the stability and quality of the coffee greatly increase. Such is the case with this years Kenya Kamwangi- a fantastic cup of coffee where the employment of solar dryers is both a novel endeavor for Kenya, and a direct effect on the coffee’s quality

Notes of tropical fruit, a bit of currant, honey, and some deeper spiced flavors like cola all create a rich experience in this particular cup. In fact, the quality has been so consistent and high at the Kamwangi Factory that coffee buyers are automatically putting large premiums on the green price just because it’s coming from such a reputable source.

We’ve been super impressed with this coffee and it’s worthy of your time and attention to break out of whatever current coffee silo you’ve been in to try

Location: Kirinyaga, Kenya
Producer: Small Holder Producers
Process Method: Washed (kenya)
Varietals: Ruiru 11, SL 28, Batian
Elevation: 1550 MASL

  • Roasting Schedule:  We roast every Tuesday and Deliver/Ship every Wednesday. All orders must be received by 11:59 p.m. on Mondays to ensure delivery during the current week