Kenya Uteuzi Jimbo

$ 19.00

Our first Kenya offering of the year is actually a regional select coffee covering a few farms all across the Kirinyaga county. While this does not enable us to showcase a specific producer or even a single mill, it does give us a chance to think about Kenya regionally in a way that not many of us are used to. Highlighting the Kiranyaga county versus Embu or Nyeri allows us to reclaim some of the terroir-specific attributes as opposed to always expect that any Kenyan coffee should have the acidity on blast with some dark fruit underneath it. In that respect, at least, getting more regional in our offerings allows us to actually be more specific when it comes to distinct and multi-faceted flavor profiles. That said, this coffee has some of those traditional Grapefruit and Blackberry flavor notes, but it is combined with a much more delicate Orange Blossom floral that really creates an intriguing complexity. Is this typical Kiranyaga? Perhaps. Enjoy!

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